We’ve added new Women’s -Shirts to our online store.

After working out the kinks in our system and after some strong encouragement from the Women of the world, IamTee is proud to announce that we now offer all of our designs on Mens AND Womens T-Shirts.  No more ordering the Small Pink “I Tri like a Girl” shirt in a Mens cut and hoping it will fit.  We now have you covered.  A few of our best sellers are below and we think they’ll be even more popular now that the fit will be better.  You can also check out the rest of the designs at www.iamtee.com



Never underestimate the Power of Stupid People in large Groups

The past month has been filled with politicians continuing to do stupid things.  Anthony Weiner (the jokes write themselves), Bob Filner (How bad is it when Hooters won’t let you in?), Putin (getting lots of kickback for his policies):


and the list goes on and on.  With that in mind, we guarantee that this t-shirt will never go out of style.  That’s probably not a good thing, but without Politicians who would John Stewart make fun of.